"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Lament of Avian Females Everywhere

A female greater scaup voices her lament:

 I'm so pretty....

 Oh, so pretty.....

I'm so pretty and witty and wise.....    Why did HE have to photo bomb and outshine me?


Male pine grosbeak

Female pine grosbeak

Male (foreground) and female American wigeon


Female and male pintails

Male and female Northern shovelers

Male shoveler

Female shoveler

Male Barrow's goldeneye

Female Barrow's goldeneye

Female and male Barrow's goldeneye

Female mallard
Get the idea???

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why, yes. There has been a slowdown...

If you follow along here, you have perhaps noticed a slowdown in The Kenya Journals as well as everything else I post here.

Here's the reason:

Just three miles from my home, this road leads to treasure.
A small part of the decked timber the Forest Service has made available for firewood.

    The other side of the decked timber/

All you need is a free permit from the Forest Service.   And energy.   Lots of energy.

This is hemlock.   Next to birch, it's the heaviest wood available in Southcentral Alaska.

Because of its density, is has 22 million BTUs per cord.   Only birch is higher, with 23 million BTUs per cord.

My trusty 024 Stihl saw, still running strong.    I have a Stihl 250 Easy-Start, but it won't.   Start, that is.

Loading the truck the first day I went cutting.
My sports equipment.

The beginning of the three cords I"m allowed.   Not much, but DANG this wood is heavy.

I went back for more yesterday:

It's still a little pile, but it's nearing a half cord.   Two and a half cords to go....

You know what?    I just thought of a way to make this post SHORT so I can get back to cutting wood!   All I have to do is post this post-firewood-cutting photo:

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Meanwhile, back at Tern Lake

Red-necked grebe

Common loon on its nest

Common loon

Arctic tern

Common loons.  Too close, too much lens, too short a depth of field, and too much bouncing in a kayak.   Ah, well, I'm still learning.


American wigeon hen

Contortionist common loon

Trumpter swan

American wigeon

American wigeons

Pintail drake.

Arctic tern

Arctic tern

Arctic tern

Green-winged teal
Greater yellowlegs sandpiper

Greater yellowlegs sandpiper

Mallard hen

Barrow's goldeye drake preening breast feathers.   The orange thing is not a shrimp, but its foot.

Male and female Barrow's goldeneyes

Trumpeter swans

American wigeons

Common merganser hen

Mallard drake

Arctic tern