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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ride Along

Step outside my home and close your eyes.  You'd swear you were at Niagara Falls.   A tremendous amount of water is cascading down the mountains and it is loud.

Yes, those big white patches are snow from last winter.  This is the view from my kitchen window.
And the view from my living room window.

 Yes, it was raining when I took those shots.

I heard on the evening news that Moose Pass was among the communities affected by flooding from recent storms that have dumped an above-normal amount of rainfall in these parts, so I decided to go see if I could find anything that looked like flooding.

This is part of Trail Lake where the railroad crosses the outfall of the lake.  Yeah, the lake is high, but I've seen it worse.

The railroad trestel.

The planes and floats at the local flying service looked okay.   I really didn't find any flooding.  Like I said, I've seen it much worse, but there is rain forecast for the weekend.  Without the hurricane-force winds this time.

Nothing exciting going on, so I headed home.  Want to see where I was?

 Well, I did say "where I was,"  not "where I was going."


  1. Guess I should have planned my vacation a week later...rains wouldn't have prevented me from seeing you, but the winds sure did. Dratz!!!

  2. and..... WHO was berating me for merely TEXTING while I drive? lol