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Saturday, October 19, 2013

File Directory Error, Case No. 1

A flu shot in the left arm, a pneumonia shot in the right arm = two sore upper arms and a dream about flying in a dirigible though fantastical villages in the Antarctic, interspersed with hurtling down perilous cliffs on a Chinese narrow gauge train at the speed of a bullet train, while avoiding  penguins with hawks-bill turtle beaks and rabid pug dogs.

Film credits:

1.       “Voodoo River” by Robert Crais for the mental image of a hundred pound turtle’s beak, the book I was reading before I fell asleep;

2.       The apparently lonely man at the veterinary clinic’s reception desk who obviously didn’t want to end the quality time with the vet and talked incessantly about the chubby, bug-eyed pug on a leash at his feet, for the fifteen minutes I was there.

3.       My integrated, 24/7 dream software for the rest.

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