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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Redecorating

It keeps getting better.  I tried updating this last night but my internet service was running at the speed of evolution, so I waited until today.

Yesterday I was doing some drive-by litter picking, driving until I saw some litter, stopping, and picking it up, which basically means I was stopping every 50 to 100 feet for about ten miles.  What began as a beautiful sunny day soon changed as a north wind brought clouds full of moisture.

Every once in a while, the sun found a spot to sneak through the clouds and the lighting became pretty dramatic.   I love it when the sun spotlights the colorful trees.

Here at Mile 52 is when the rain drops got pretty thick and I thought I saw a few wet snow flakes.

Yes, new snow on the mountain tops.

Seems like every time I drive by these recreational cabins at Lower Summit Lake the sun manages to come out.

The rest of Lower Summit Lake.

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This guy was rowing his inflatable raft and trolling for fish.

Wish the sun had been out for this photo of these leaves along Summit Lake.

And a family of swans at Tern Lake.

 Just as I was leaving the swans, the sun  highlighted these trees.


  1. The landscape of trees is being redecorated each day here as well...on a road trip from Michigan to New York for the past three days,,,it is magnificent. Ah, snow on the mountain tops in Alaska...makes me a little homesick! Did the single male swan come back this year? Hugs! Patti and Cap