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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

"How Soon We Forget" or "Gee, It's So Much Fun Growing Old"

Some months ago I reminded myself to buy bleach the next time I was in Anchorage. Time went by and I was again in Anchorage. I couldn't remember if I'd bought bleach. Now, I have more than a lifetime supply of bleach. I gave away one of the big bottles yesterday.

Does anyone need bleach?

The Nikon Coolpix S7000 is my favorite point and shoot pocket camera. With sixteen megapixels and a 20X optical zoom, it's what I use for indoor photos, those plates of delicious food I show you, and candid shots from here and there.

I have three of them with various problems and after a long, long time passed, took them to a camera store to see if the guy could make a whole one. Wouldn't be worth it, he said.

They are no longer manufactured, so after passing up all the internet offers for $700, I found one on e-Bay for $100. Ordered it.

After it arrived, I looked on the shelf where I keep these and discovered I already had a working 7000. Now I have an extra.

My moss green king-sized bedsheets, the ones that match the green in the bedspread,  finally wore out after years of laundering and putting them right back on the bed. Hey, it saves folding fitted sheets.

I searched the Internet for sheets the same color. The ones that were close were over a hundred dollars a set and got poor reviews for pilling.

Reluctantly, I put the bottom sheet in the trash and went to the linen closet to see what color I would use now.

Well, lookee here. I have an extra set. How did that happen?


  1. Many chuckles over this post Gullible, and lots of identification! Just today I swore I had never gotten a prescription meds insurance card .. and wouldn't you know, in idly going through the cards in my wallet a couple of hours later, I came across the very insurance card I swore I never had. I had to pay cash for 2 prescriptions at Walmart, but they did say if I got this straightened out with my insurance company within 7 days, they will refund my money.
    We go back to Walmart with the receipt tomorrow! And the beat goes on. Growing old is better than not growing old!! Hugs and smiles. Patti and Cap

  2. Well ALL Senior Citizens reading along here can identify.

    I'm shocked you use 16 megapixel resolution on your coolpix cameras. I was counseled to use 2 megapixels because they upload much faster and use far less space on the memory chip. All of the Nikon coolpix cameras have settings to set the resolution.

    Smiles and Hugs from Cap and Patti

    1. Just because my camera is capable of 16 megapixel images, that doesn't mean I export it from my post-processing software at that resolution.

      While using a lower resolution setting like 2 megapixels will save space on the memory card and the smaller file will upload faster, it comes at the cost of image quality. If one plans to use the files mainly for online sharing or small prints it is an acceptable choice. In my case, I want the final image quality to be as high as possible so I record all my images at their full resolution. This allows me to use them for everything from online sharing to large scale art prints. Memory cards are relatively cheap and if one invests in cards with high transfer rates it is no inconvenience to take advantage of the full resolution of the camera. I work too hard on my images to settle for a lower resolution file.

  3. By the way, I use SD Extreme Pro 128 GB memory cards with a download transfer rate of 170 MB/s in my big cameras. For the Coolpix, it's SD Extreme Plus 32 GB with a transfer rate of 90 MB/s.

  4. Got a good laugh...and recalled all the times I ended up with duplicates. :-P

  5. Only 2 jugs of bleach? Try 3 20 oz. French's Mustard, or 3 gallons of milk, or 7 boxes of Stroganoff Hamburger Helper. A list is useless because I usually forget it at home. That's why I now grocery shop online. Now if I just had someone to cook.