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Friday, October 2, 2020

The Morning After

 Our two candidates for the office of the United States Presidency participated in a heated debate Tuesday evening.   It was raucous, and unless you knew what to listen for, mostly without informative content.

The man who currently holds the office interrupted his challenger frequently with the result that the two talked over each other, thus making a lot of noise but offering no substance.   He makes assertions that might or might not be true, a frequent charge against him.

 Although he has repeatedly disavowed and condemned white supremacists, another of his comments this night again raised the specter of racism.




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The challenger responded with unheard of insults ("Oh, shut up man."  "clown"  "racist"  "liar" and "worst president we've ever had") and refused to answer a basic policy question (re packing the Supreme Court) because "it would become the issue."

What?   Of course, it would.   Isn't that what election campaigning is all about?   Finding out where the candidates stand?



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 Both, obviously, were trying to goad the other into making  mistakes.

I was sick and dispirited when it finally ended. With everything else going on in this country, this circus side show was too much

Is there a place on the ballot for NONE OF THE ABOVE?   Some say we get the government we deserve. 


 None Of The Above – Up the hill backwards


I wrote this the next morning, after deciding to recuse myself from reality for an undetermined amount of time:

Today, my world shrank, constricted, diminished.

Today, no politics, no insults, no lies.

Today, no agendas, no aversions, no dodging.

Today, no protests, no riots, no looting.


Today, my world is within my grasp.

Today, people cut nets from entangled whales

Pull hooks from the fins of porpoise,

Bravely cut a bucket from a bear’s head.


Today, my world is filled with heroes

Tending the afflicted,

Protecting my neighbors,

Safeguarding our country.


Today, my world is held close,

Hoping for respite by redrawing its boundaries,

Holding doors open and saying thank you,

Searching for civility and, yes, even gentility,



It’s too soon to tell

If I will renew the lease on

My world of gossamer walls




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  1. Amen. I mean .. can you believe the current situation? Sigh. Right on. Cap and Patti