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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From One, Many

Meet Pablo.

He is 40 years old this year.  He's a Mexican Double Yellowheaded Green Amazon parrot.

He does not like to hold still when I point a camera at him.

He does not like to have his picture taken.

Love this shot.

But what I really want to show you are the feathers he leaves for me to find.

This is one under-feather.  It insulates him.  These feathers (I call them his underwear) are a half to three-quarters of an inch wide. and are not flat.

This feather is from the head.

This feather is from the shoulder of a wing.

 These (above) are tail feathers.

Now take a look at him again.  We see green, yellow, red, navy blue.  Right?

Now look at these wing feathers:

Yellow, green, black, blue.  You can't see it, but there's a hint of brown at the tip.

Green and yellow with a hint of apricot.
Green and black with a touch of dark navy blue at the tip.
Green, yellow, black, blue, red, and purple (center).
Green, yellow, black, blue, maroon.  He hasn't molted a feather with aqua in it lately, but he has them.

My favorite.  Green, yellow, blue down the center, peach, and rose.  This feather, not including the bare shaft, is two inches long, much shorter than the other wing feathers which are five and six inches long.


  1. Pablo has his version of a coat of many colors....do you save all his feathers? Do you have enough to make him a girl friend? ;D

  2. Rilly is funny!! Pablo has some gorgeous feathers but don't tell him. I think he's vain enough, isn't he?

  3. I love it! I think God really had his game face on when he did feathers! they are sooo.... intricate and varied!

    I like the last pic, with his arthritic toes sticking out

  4. What a Bird/Friend.

    I remember meeting Pablo years ago when my friend Marci was house sitting for you.