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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Turnagain Arm, Summer

I posted a few new and old photos of Turnagain Arm a couple days ago.  Shirley asked for summer photos.

To find them I had to fire up the PC which runs at the speed of evolution, probably because of the tens of thousands (literally) of photos on it.  It's pretty frustrating to use.  It sped up a bit after I deleted more than 5000 old e-mails, but....  It will not multitask.  It freezes instead.  The only solution is to rip it out by its roots and knock some sense into it.

Anyway, I braced the evolutionary process and found some summer photos.  I know there are more on there, but I can't find them.

A fast-moving bore tide in the Arm near Portage, the end of the arm.

Bird Creek.

Beluga whale in Turnagain.  They can be seen during the summer on incoming tides as they chase the various fish runs up the arm.

This technically isn't Turnagain Arm, but its sister Knik Arm.  That's Mt. Susitna across the water, also known as The Sleeping Lady.  This photo was taken in Anchorage, right where Cook Inlet splits into two arms.

And, because I found it, here's another winter picture:

The night lights of Alyeska Ski Resort adjacent to the little village of Girdwood.


  1. It's beautiful in winter but spectacular in summer. I appreciate all you went thru to find them. <3

  2. ps....don't know what happened to the "thank you" I wrote in the 1st comment. who knows?

  3. Maybe "thank you" got turned into the emoticon? Remember, computers are always learning. Spooky.