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Friday, April 25, 2008

Packing Panic

Packing Panic

I went into a mild panic today when I couldn’t find my Teva sandals. I looked and looked around the house, in the spare bedroom where I’m assembling the stuff to take on my trip to Australia next week, and even in the garage.

An awful thought began building in the pit of my stomach: I left them in Arizona! But I was certain I’d seen them since I returned from that trip. I know I had them lined up with some other shoes I’m thinking of taking. Didn’t I? Or, was I only thinking I should put them with the others?

To get my mind off the Tevas, I decided to make a trial run at packing my clothes in the rolling duffel bag. First I put in the shoes, then my snorkel and dive mask, swim suit, cover up, and surf slippers. Then my shorts and tee shirts, long pants and dressy shirts. Well, that went nicely. Lots of room left. Maybe I’m not over-packing after all.

I sorted out a few things to hand-carry, which I plan to take in a small day pack just in case it takes a while for my luggage to catch up with me. I unzipped the day pack from the rolling suitcase I had decided not to take, and wondered why it felt heavy. There were the Tevas, already inside the day pack. I guess they’re as excited as I am about leaving on this trip.

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  1. Will you be able to post while you travel or will we have to wait until you get back?