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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Antarctica Journals, Ch. 1

The things you learn when you get part way there:

1.  You should have trusted your first instincts rather than some bogus source that was incorrect.  It’s spelled Buenos AIRES, not Buenos Aries.

Airplane tail in sunset at Dallas-Ft. Worth airport.

2.  No matter how different things are, they is always something to remind you of home:

3.   There are, according to a framed poster on the wall of Las Nazarenas restaurant, "six restaurants in the world that can cook a steak properly.  Four of them are in Argentina."

Steaks finishing on a charcoal broiler.

Various cuts of beef cooking over an indoor fire at Las Nazarenas restaurant.

One steak.

The barbeque master.

4.  Don’t believe the history you see in the movies:

This is the Argentine government building.  The small balcony with the three white shutters is where Eva "Evita" Peron gave her last talk to the people before she died.  The crowd was estimated at one million people.

5.  The mothers and grandmothers of the "disappeared" continue to walk every Thursday afternoon at 3:30 in front of the government bldg.

The mothers and grandmothers circumambulate this obelisk in the square in front of the government building.

6.  Dog-walking is a well-paying and respected way of making a living.  It pays about $20 a month per dog.  Some people walk as many as 15 dogs at a time.  Wouldn't a 15-dog fight be something to see?  Reminds me of some of my dog mushing experiences.

7. Pigeons everywhere have no respect.

Huge pigeon atop statue over a mausoleum at the City of Angels cemetery.

Tomorrow morning we board the expedition ship MS Fram and head for the Falklands Islands (Malvinas) en route to Antarctica.  The Fram will be our home for the next 18 days, and internet access will be "iffy." and slow.

Over and out for now.  Ahoy, ye land lubbers.


  1. So, what is growing out of the statues mouth!?

  2. I love the dog walking photos. I can't imagine walking that many dogs at one time!