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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dealing with Things More Important than a Presidential Election.

Pablo the parrot broke his leg Monday night.   I have no idea how it happened. I heard noises like he was climbing out of his cage and then he was crawling across the floor towards me.

 I loaded him up in the car and off we went--driving 100 miles with one hand while the other hand cradled him against me, his broken leg hanging loose.

Driving with one hand, holding Pablo with the other.

By midnight we were at a pet emergency hospital where the break was affirmed.   AT 9 AM we were at another vet's where he was sedated and x-rayed.  

He broke his thigh--the drumstick.   Lots of talk ensued, along with a consult to a veterinarian who has done the kind of surgery Pablo needs.

Lots of issues to consider, like his age of 45, some bone density loss, the surgery itself, the four pins that will go though skin, muscle, and bone to fix the fracture and encourage healing.

Then, the post-op care.   Will he pull the pins out?  Will his old bones knit?   How will he take to no more perching in his cage, but living on the bottom of a plastic storage container (clear)?

Surgery is scheduled for Thursday.

So much concern for this little guy who has been a part of my life for almost 30 years.


  1. 45 years old! I don't know why, but that always shocks me when I see a bird that old. My household had animal drama on Monday night too, so I feel you. I hope your pretty bird will be okay!

  2. I am sorry to hear about Pablo - I hope he will be okay. He is very lucky to have you.

    KathyH (Mendenhall) from BWW

  3. CERTAINLY, Pablo is much more important than a Presidential Debate! I hope the surgery will be successful. He is such a great companion! Love to you and to Pablo. Patti

  4. So sorry that Pablo is injured. I hope surgery goes well and he heals successfully. Its a trauma for both of you! I know you love him dearly.
    Cheers and love