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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Present...... sometimes

I'm here, just not too often.

It's litter clean up season and I'm on the road every day.   Cleaned up twenty miles of highway so far and have 22 to go.


On a rare sunny day at Tern Lake.

Rogue's gallery of two American wigeons and a female common merganser.

Squirrel found her has his very own sunflower seed buffet.   He is very happy.

Mallard drake

The wigeons

Two mallards and a bunch of green-winged teals at Lower Summit Lake.

A pair of common mergansers

A very chatty red-necked grebe.


  1. Your highway litter picking never ceases to amaze me ... making Alaska beautiful, one piece of litter into the trash bags at a time. Nice to see Tern Lake on a sunny day, stunning, and always nice to see the birdlife. Glad the squirrel has his own bird feeder! Hugs, Patti and Cap

  2. Inspirational!

    As a flatlander by birth and choice, I am always so impressed by the majesty of mountains. Your wonderfully artistic and technically expert image makes me want to be at that spot looking at that lake and those mountains. Thank you for sharing something special.

    What a wonderful series of images showing off your bird life and happy squirrel.

    All the best from muggy Florida!

    Good on you for a commitment to keeping your area clean and beautiful.