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Monday, October 1, 2018

Sort of, Somewhat, Occasionally Here

So what's my excuse this time for being to negligent with my blog?

September.    September in Alaska.

The most spectacular, stupendous September I can remember in my 71 years in Alaska.   Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures.    Autumn colors lingering long past their traditional peak.  Migratory birds lingering also.

It's been tremendous.

Thanks, September.

Oh, yeah.    My computer isn't working right.   Again.  Getting it fixed means several hours babysitting it while the Geek Squad takes remote control and beats it into submission.   Just haven't had time for that while the sun was shining.

Soon, I promise.   I'm getting so far behind, I don't know if I'll ever catch up.

In the meantime, I was kayaking on Tern Lake in this gorgeous autumn weather and watched the cygnets take off.

To see these photos at their best, click on the first one and a thumbnail filmstrip will open at the bottom of the page.   Then cycle through them.  

Swan down caught on a branch

Tern Lake and my swans

Highbush cranberries

Nothing like a creekside stroll on a golden path to put things right.

A gray cygnet.

A male mallard in eclipse plumage, in the reflection of fireweed.

Red fox with a leap stuck on its muzzle.

Red fox


  1. I had surmised that our autumn, our September, had you far too captivated to be sitting at a computer doing posts. This is the most glorious September, Fall, I have ever seen as well, in my 55 1/2 years in Alaska, and I have heard that same comment from everyone talking about how beautiful it is ... nicest one EVER. And, the leaves staying on the trees for so long have me in awe. Our usual about-two-week-Fall is graciously extending itself to the delight of everyone. Your pictures are, as usual, delightful. Savor the season!!! Love, Patti and Cap

  2. The photos of the Swans (Cygnets) are amazing. Do I assume you caught them with a motor drive? Smiles from Irkutsk Cap and Anchorage Patti ..