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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Rainy, Windy, and Foggy

Went on a whale-watching cruise Sunday out of Seward, in the hope of seeing gray whales.

This is what we saw:

There were a few glances of a young humpback:

Oh, a dorsal fin!

Another of the dorsal fin.

And a wee bit of a tail.

The best action was on shore while waiting for the cruise boat to board.   A sub-adult bald eagle was chased by gulls and decided it wanted to land on the same boat mast where another bald eagle was perched.

Either that or it was running to mommy....

Sitting there, minding its own business

Here comes the sub adult, flying away from the gulls.

Looking for a place to escape the pesky gulls.

The adult turns to face the incoming eagle

Hard to tell one eagle from the other.

The adult stayed put and the youngster went to another mast.

So, there was more action onshore than off this day.

Unless, of course, you enjoy watching rainwater pour off the upper deck of the cruise boat.


  1. You still make it an entertaining trip.

  2. Whew .. Quite the interaction between the sub-adult (an interesting term) eagle and the elder eagle sitting atop the mast. We have told you of our disappointment when walking along Cook Inlet near Westchester Lagoon we saw an eagle pluck right out of the air a flying sea gull and took him away in spite of other sea gulls raising a fuss at have one-of-their-own taken from them. Brutal life in the wild for the wild ones who live there. Smiles Cap and Hugs Patti.

  3. Only in Alaska!

    Whales and Eagles. Stunning stuff for this sub-tropical flatlander.

    A review of your past few posts reveals an amazing diversity of life in your "neighborhood"! Certainly appreciate you sharing some of that beauty!