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Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Stepladder and the Chainsaw

Twenty years ago when I was designing the house in which I now live, the two most important tools were an eight-foot stepladder and a chainsaw.

The chainsaw was used to make a dent in the thick forest at the site I had determined the house would be built.

Once I'd cleared enough trees to make a footprint, I would move the ladder around, climb up it, and ask myself, "What would I see if I placed a window here?"

And that's how the house was designed, which includes some 36 windows.

 A recent visitor said, "I feel like I'm outdoors."   Perfect.   That's what I was looking for.

I  am rewarded all year with magnificent views.But Autumn is the season that really shines, even on a rainy day.


  1. Oh yes, autumn SHINES, even in the rain. You cleared a delightfully beautiful spot for your home in the woods. Cudos through the many years! Smiles and hugs, Patti and Cap

  2. I see that Autumn 2019 begins this upcoming Monday, September the 23rd. Glorious photos above. Somehow I thought your magnificent home was older that having begun in 1999. You said 20 years so that would make it 1999 I think. It seems like 'forever' since we've visited. Years for sure. Nice Post. Cap in Ulaanbaatar and Patti in Anchorage.