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Monday, December 30, 2019

Round Up: Africa

The weather has been nasty so I've been engaged in the long, long process of trying to organize a couple hundred thousand photos.   Or more.

It is not a task I'm good at and right now, it's in its very beginning.

But, I have come across a number of photos that I like and thought I'd post them here.  Year end.   What better time?

Today's photo were taken in Africa.

So, let's head out in the pre-dawn to see what we can find.

Four of us were in a hide in South Africa where we waited for the wild beasts of the African savannah to show up.    Other than some magnificent Cape buffalo that arrived in a small her early in the evening, this mouse was the only other nocturnal visitor.  

The Cape buffalo.    Pretty astonishing to be 15 feet away from these beasts and they didn't know we were across the pond from them.

The lions of Africa welcome you.

This is typical of the safari vehicles used in Africa, although many have three rows of seats for the tourists.   You are relatively safe from aggressive animals as long as you mind your manners and don't call attention to yourself.

As a matter of fact, I have seen the predator cats use these vehicles for shade and for sneaking up on prey.

I got quite a kick out of this photo.

Ah, Africa.   I miss your birds and animals.  Africa is the only place I've returned to in all my travels, and I will soon make my fourth visit.  The magic hasn't worn off.

A once-in-a-lifetime visit to Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya.   Next door is a facility that is trying ti reestablish the Rothschild giraffes, which are endangered.   At certain times of the day, the giraffes walk over to the manor for little biscuits made especially for them.  

 This pride was resting in the shade when I caught this tender moment between the lion Karibu and his cub.

Once again, we were in a blind when I got this shot of a tawny eagle.

No hide for this one.   We were about thirty feet away.

 This female leopard walked right past us.

 If you can catch a cheetah with the setting sunlight in its eyes, they seem to glow.

 Vervets.   The comics of the savannah.

 Lion cubs.   If you find them in their first few months, they are the cutest animals around.

The following shots were taken from a hide at water level.

Pied kingfisher about to throw its catch in the air, catch it, and swallow.

Blue waxbill

Blue cheek starling

Redbill oxpeckers.  They live all their lives on the grazing beasts, cleaning them of parasites.

Some birds not photographed from a hide:

The incredibly beautiful lilac-breasted roller.

Southern yellow hornbill

And not from a hide:

Little bee-eater

Of all the colorful, striking birds of Africa, would it surprise you to know that this plain brown bird is my favorite?   It's called a hamerkop because when its head feathers are raised, the head resembles a hammer.

Next post, we'll go somewhere else in the world.   Don't be surprised if we return to Africa some day, though.


  1. WOW YOU ARE BACK AND HOW .. Amazing Post with 24 great photos .. Love the little mouse and its reflection in the water. Much MUCH JOY .. Cap and Patti .. Rocking in Anchorage .. HAPPY NEW YEARS 2020 !

  2. Oh, Gully. I got goosebumps looking at these exceptional photos.

    Thank you for the thrills.