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Sunday, March 22, 2020

The 2020 Africa Journals

Chapter Nine
Home, Sweet Home

I think it's time I showed you around Pangolin hotel and since it's pouring buckets out there, this is a good time.

We were totally drenched by the time we got back from the animal conservation center.  I took care of the wet camera before peeling off my soaked clothes and taking a shower.  Then I stuffed the wet clothes into a  laundry bag and delivered it to the reception desk.  Laundry is included and it's fast service.

Then, HOLY SMOKES!    The skies really let loose. 

Turn up the volume!  This was taken from the balcony of my room.

Situated on the escarpment overlooking the flood plain of the Chobe River, the Panglin hotel and base for photo safaris was built by and for photographers.

A large houseboat makes its way up the Chobe River on a rainy day.

Pangolin hotel is like staying in an art gallery.   Everywhere there are touches to admire, and not only in gallery row.

The front entrance, from the inside.

The gallery.   Guest rooms on the left and kitchen, restroom, staff room, photo lab on the right.   The entire building is made of metal and concrete, a wise choice where termites, mongoose, and elephants could be the largest dangers to architecture.

Reception desk.

The back wall of the gallery.

Looking up at the second floor and the roof trusses.   The lounge is at the left and guest rooms along the balcony.   My room was the second one.

Inside the lounge.

Another view of the lounge.

The bar.

Decorative inserts behind the bar.   Photography, remember?

And, the other.

The dining room.   The food at this lodge is top-notch.   Delicious and pleasingly presented.

Afternoon tea before the late safari.    In this case, lemonade instead of tea.

Marg's cappuccino.   The design replicates a camera shutter.

Brunch after the early safari.  That's an Egg Benedict in the center.

That white stuff on the banana bread?    I thought it was whipped butter.    Turns out, its was whipped cream for the crepes.   Tasted great to me.   I took it to my room for a late snack.

Guts, seated at left.   Manager Dan, and unidentified guests.

Alfresco dining at night.

Homemade pizza....

..baking in the pizza oven.

Another outdoor dining table.

Dining room wall decor.   I LOVED this!

Detail from above.

And outdoors.   A lounging area, a sunken "boma", an eternal swimming pool.   Beyond the Chobe River.

The boma at night.

Decor near front entrance.   Simple and exquisite.

Good thing no one saw me walk out on the narrow concrete wall around the pool to take this photo.   My room is second floor, second from right, though the lounge is at the immediate right.

Now, let's look at my room.   Room number 2.2, not 22!

Nice, huh?

I didn't get a photo of the full length of the counter you see in this photo.   It was quite long, and perfect for laying out your device chargers, laptop and accessories.    I really appreciated it.   There was also a hot water maker at one end, with coffee and tea stuff.

Light fixture next to bed.

Copper pipe.   Clever.

THE PLUMBING!    I loved it.

The shower.

Light over the bathroom door.   Note the sliding door hardware.

Close up.

So, these are my camera lens cap and the key to my room.   Is it any surprise which one I got out of my pocket when I wanted to unlock my door?

Looking down at the gallery.   The table is set for a lovely dinner.

Statuary in the gallery represents the Khoisan people, a blending od Khoi Khoi and San natives.   Some evidence exists that these nomadic hunter-gatherers originated in Botswana.  

And there you are.   Lovely place, lovely people.


  1. Quite the rain storm. What a beautiful place to stay. more comforts than home.

  2. Absolutely and positively amazing venue. Stunning. Adjectives fail us as we try to adequately describe the hotel and the art work and food and and and. Lovely place, lovely people (to quote you). The plumbing photos were a 'hoot' however. Smiling Cap and Patti.