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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Out and About

 Litter pick up is progressing, but rather slowly as I deal with the challenges of being 80 years old.  

I have cleaned up the four miles of the Sterling Highway that I have done for years.    On the Seward Highway, my main route through the Chugach National Forest, I made it through two miles as well as the pullouts.   Long way to go to Turnagain Pass at Mile 68.

Another in a series I call Duck on a Stump.   The Queen Merganser and her royal consort.

A preening Green-winged Teal.

A female Green-winged Teal.

A pair of American Wigeons.

A pair of Common Mergansers.

A Barrow's Goldeneye drake.

A pair of Red-necked Grebes.

A Least sandpiper.

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  1. How did this Post slip past us Gullible. Could it have been because we were busy getting ready to fly to Detroit the next day, Friday the 13th. Great photos. Amazing in fact. LOVED : The Queen Merganser and her royal consort !!

    And this " as I deal with the challenges of being 80 years old." Wait until age 85 arrives. My advice : keep active and keep doing what you're doing !! And ?? Don't look back beause something may be gaining on you. Smiles .. Cap and Patti