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Monday, April 28, 2008

Don't Forget Me While I'm Gone

Couldn't leave without leaving you with some doggerel:

Don’t Forget Me While I’m Gone (Ain’t No Sunshine When You’re Gone)

I’m all ready for my trip.
My bag is packed, the stuff all fit.
On the scale it weighed but half
Of the total they permit!

I know right where my tickets are,
Picture ID, passport book,
Credit card, and most essential
ATM card in its nook.

Should my bag go walkabout,
Land in some far billabong,
I carry extra underwear
And Tevas tied on with a thong.

Come Wednesday morning I’ll be gone
On a plane to Aussieland,
Goin’ to see the ‘roos* and ‘toos,**
Rain forests and desert sand.

Hot air balloons one early morn,
Champagne brunch included, too.
Dinner with some Kiwi folks,
Fairy penguins at the seashore.

Opera House in Sydney Harbor,
Ayers Rock, Great Barrier Reef,
Aboriginal mythology,
Ranches where they shear the sheep.

Don’t forget me while I’m gone,
I’ll be back to write some more.
Change your e-mail addys now,
To avoid more verses to this song…

Just don’t ask when I get there—
If it’s tomorrow or the day after—
All I know is when I’m back,
I’ll be redoin’ yesterday.

April 28, 2008 Gullible

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  1. Welcome home. Now it's time for show and tell.