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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Brief Pause

 Taking a brief pause from the Antarctic Journals for some mid-winter Alaskana:

The active volcano called Mt. Redoubt.  The barely-visible  cloud drifting off the peak to the right most likely is steam from the volcano.

Trail Lake in Moose Pass at dusk.

Kenai River in Cooper Landing

Bald Eagle in a snowstorm.

Young bull moose visiting friends on Christmas day.

From Turnagain Arm, looking at the valley I drive through to get home from Anchorage.

Sagging snow.

A mountain in Moose Pass

Snow-clogged Turnagain Arm at sunrise.

Sunrise along Turnagain Arm.

Late afternoon sun near Moose Pass.

Now, back to the Antarctic Journals, either late tonight or tomorrow.  We are all (Shackleton, his crew, and me) on the way home.  Time to wrap it up.  Maybe two chapters.  Or three.  We'll see.


  1. I wish I could endure the cold, I'd move there in a heart beat. I wish I was rich enough to live there and spend winters down here. Your beautiful photos make me really miss Alaska....

  2. You have such a eye for photography, these are beautiful.

  3. Well .. as a resident of 'The Interior' .. I do have to admit that your (always) beautiful photos ALMOST (but not quite) make me think that I want to be 'up there' this winter .. but I must admit that my upcoming fifteen and one half hour flight West from Chicago to Hong Kong, China .. and then onward West to New Delhi, India, are far more enticing to me at this point in my life ..your web site here is just absolutely 'beyond the beyond' !

  4. Thank you for treating me to the sights there in Alaska. The photo of Kenai River in Cooper Landing is more than gorgeous. Lon's gonna love the young moose as I did.

    How are you feeling after your bout with pneumonia?

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