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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Driving through Autumn, Part One

My computer, laptop, and tablet may have been down for a couple weeks, but my cameras were not.  All this occurred during our late autumn, notwithstanding an unusually early snowfall on Sept. 26.

Starting now, I will post a series of autumn photos, with little yakking on my part.   I hope you enjoy them as I continue working to restore all the Word docs and photos on my computer.

So, here we go:   Driving through Autumn 

Hope road

Multi-colored fireweed in my driveway.

The gentle part of Six Mile Creek, before the Class Five canyons/

The western portion of Tern Lake.

The eastern portion of Tern Lake with three swans against the far shore.

A breeze tempts the fireweed seed to fly.

My breathtaking driveway.

And I have lots, lots more.


  1. I've always wanted a driveway like that. I have the nice driveway and a couple of trees but it's only 100' long.

  2. We need to go for a drive together with cameras in hand. Irene