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Saturday, May 2, 2015

An India Journals Update

One of the nicest things about using my photos as a screen saver slide show is seeing things in the photos that I'd never noticed before, such as a little detail or something in the background.

One of the most annoying things about using my photos as a screen saver slide show is not being able to find that darned photos when I want to use them in a post!

And therein lies the reason for the delay in telling my next chapter in my India adventure.  The photos appear in the slide show, but I can't find them in Picasa, which is the program where all my photos are, or are supposed to be.

I find a couple of the photos, but not the ones I really need.

So, unless I can think of something else, the India Journals are temporarily suspended but not forgotten.


  1. I feel for you. I get so frustrated over things like that and I haven't traveled like you have to get my photos. Yours will probably show up one of these days where they are supposed to be. I sure hope so. You don't need any more frustrations.

  2. This I do not understand. I keep my photo memory cards. Don't you? I know some people do NOT. They down load their photos and then reuse the memory sticks. You must be one of them. I have many of these memory sticks that go back a few years but I can always find the photos when and IF I need them. They take up so little space. Smiles .. Cap and Patti who is resting in San Francisco ..

  3. I do have the flash cards, Cap, but since I came back from India with nine of them full, it's easier to located them on the computer. At the end of each travel day, I download the photos from that day onto the computer. Thus, if I lose the camera of a flash card, I still have the photos. For some reason, the ones I want are hiding. I have never erased a flash card, so I have quite a few of them. Not the best way of storing photos, though.

    1. Thanks .. I am glad you have 'the originals' of your photos so to speak .. I haven't a clue how to store them in a computer since I never use my own computers. So I have my system of knowing on which chip which photos are. One chip has several thousand photos and they are in proper date sequence. It sounds like you are missing a Post worth of photos which would be quite a few .. Cheerio .. Cap .. IF I Iose a chip there they all go! But I do have posted photos in the photo archives of google and word press ..

    2. Well, one problem I have is I use two cameras, my point and shoot and an L120 with a terrific zoom. Thus, two different flash cards with photos from the same place. They're hiding in Picasa somewhere. Just haven't had time to do an extensive search on the flash cards.

  4. Should know better than to type in the dark.

  5. Meanwhile ... I really enjoy seeing this picture of you with the elephant ... it is one of my favorites! Hugs from Patti back in Alaska