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Sunday, June 21, 2015

That Midnight Sun

Today is the first day of summer, so they say.   From sunrise to sunset, we will have 19 hours 21 minutes and 32 seconds of daylight.

That's misleading because there are hours of twilight or "civil daylight" after sunset and before sunrise.   In actuality, it doesn't get dark.

The exception to "doesn't get dark" depends on the weather.  If it's cloudy, we have something approaching darkness.  But, if it's clear, there's no darkness right now.

I have made it a practice the past few years to go kayaking at Tern Lake at midnight, much to the dismay of the idiot seagulls that nest there and dive bomb me, trying to run me off.

Today is cloudy, so I probably won't go.   If it clears off late this afternoon as we expect, I'll be there.

If not:




  1. Boy, 2014 was a stunner ... what lovely colors! Patti

  2. Kayaking on Tern Lake at Midnight sounds fantastic.

  3. No mosquitoes? Smiles .. Cap (STILL loving Hong Kong) and Patti who you just saw en route to Homer ..