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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dear Nation, Here's Your Christmas Tree, Love, Moose Pass and Seward Folks, Alaska

Sometime in early December, a switch will be thrown and the nation's Christmas tree will glow with hundreds of lights.

That tree, a Lutz spruce, is yet to be cut down.   That will happen next week. 

Right now, it's alive and growing--and guarded 24/7 by USDA Forest Service personnel from Moose Pass and Seward.   Why?  Because that gorgeous, symmetrical tree was hand-picked by the Capitol grounds superintendent from several potential trees in Alaska.

The one he chose is this one, now spending its last week in its home forest just a couple miles south of the general Moose Pass area and about eight miles north of the general Seward area.

It's a  little hard to see how nice it is because it's still a tree in a forest, but take my word for it--it's gorgeous.

A short gravel road was built recently that ends in a circle around the tree, giving cranes and the man who will cut it room to work.

The trunk.

This is the first time a tree from Alaska will be the nation's Christmas tree, and it's from our Chugach National Forest.   As you can imagine, the city of Seward is buzzing with plans to celebrate next week.

The guard trailer

One of the guards.   Don't even think about messing with that tree!

The link below gives you a more complete idea what a complicated process the selection is and planning the transportation of this tree.   It's a big deal!



  1. It is beautiful....and may lightning strike anyone who calls it anything but a CHRISTMAS TREE.

  2. I wonder .. Do they alternate selecting trees from different states. I wonder .. How the tree is going to feel giving up its life .. Not that an artificial tree would fit the bill here. Then again look at the forests that have burned down just this past fire season. Hard to imagine soon .. SOON .. you will be in Hong Kong with Patti . Much Joy .. Cap and Patti ..

    1. Too bad that beautiful healthy tree has to die for people to enjoy it. Wish Scotty could beam the capital folk to the tree so they could decorate and enjoy it still in the ground. I want to have my cake and eat it,, too.