"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Guess What?

While Julie keeps the home fires burning and the wild birds fed, guess what I'm up to......

Inordinately proud of how little luggage I'm carrying.   The suitcase is carry-on sized and weighs 20 lbs.   The other is the size of the the ones used by airline flight crew and cabin attendants.   It's full of camera gear and also weighs 20 lbs.

Until I return, some recent visitors:

A red-breasted nuthatch.   Sleek and streamlined, these tiny birds run up and down the trunks of trees.

Steller's jay.   They are a member of the corvid family along with ravens, crows, etc.   Smart, smart birds.

A new bird for me--a gray-crowned rosy finch.   Note the rose tints on its lower wings and body.   The more I look at it, the more I appreciated its subtle beauty.


  1. Nice Post .. Nice Birds .. We hope you are well on your way as we post this comment at 12 Midnight the 4th of February. Cap and Patti ..

  2. Wishing you safe traveling and anxious to see your many photos. Always enjoy your travelogues.