"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Lament of Avian Females Everywhere

A female greater scaup voices her lament:

 I'm so pretty....

 Oh, so pretty.....

I'm so pretty and witty and wise.....    Why did HE have to photo bomb and outshine me?


Male pine grosbeak

Female pine grosbeak

Male (foreground) and female American wigeon


Female and male pintails

Male and female Northern shovelers

Male shoveler

Female shoveler

Male Barrow's goldeneye

Female Barrow's goldeneye

Female and male Barrow's goldeneye

Female mallard
Get the idea???


  1. Maybe in the avian world the creator of the universe thought females are beautiful enough in what they DO rather than specifically in how lovely they look.

  2. We know the females are camouflaged off color to protect them when nesting. No reason for the males to be so brightly colored. The birds themselves would figure out boys and girls. Smiles .. Cap and Patti the anonymous.