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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Hello, Sunshine!

The sun is back in the valley!    Time to rejoice.

We lose the sun completely in mid-November when the sun can't rise above the south mountain, and don't see it again until mid-February.   Then, it's only minutes a day, building until summer when it shines in my north windows in the morning, all day long, and in the north windows again before it slips behind a mountain ridge just before midnight.

I had become pretty glum about photography during these shady sunless days.   Then, Friday, the day was clear and there was sun on the front deck where all the bird feeders are.


Common redpoll with sunflower seed

Boreal chickadee with sunflower seed

 Before the sun came back, though, I shot these photos of common redpolls.

And these photos of a red-breasted nuthatch eating peanut butter.

Boreal chickadee eating the peanut butter I slather on the spruce boughs.

The birds absolutely love peanut butter on the spruce boughs.

Not sure what the spruce tree thinks about having its branches slathered with peanut butter, though.

Hallelujah, the sun is back.


  1. Lotsa sunshine and birds down where we are right now in Phoenix. Nice to know the light is coming back up there! Hugs!! Patti and Cap

  2. Oh yes. As Patti just wrote above, lotsa sunshine down here and Man, Oh Manischewitz is it nice. Sucha Deal You Wouldn't Believe Gullible. Smiles from Cap and Patti still sleeping.