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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Where am I?

Do these help answer that question?


  1. You are/were at either Jerome Lake or Tern Lake having picked up litter and photographed the birds and the bee(s)! Was just wondering if you were back from the Denali Hwy trip. Great to have the birds and bees back with us for the season; not so great to have the litterers doing their thing. Sigh. Smiles, Patti and Cap

  2. Beautiful photos. Absolutely stunning photos. Smiles Cap and Hugs from Patti

  3. Such beautifully vivid photos! I could smell the lovely scent of those roses. I especially appreciate your posts on the Tern Lake area; they bring back so many memories. Thank you for sharing. -Rebekah

  4. Looks like Jerome Lake. Love the birds and the flowers
    Happy 4th!
    Clyde Simpleton