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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Just How Good Can a Weekend Get?

 From the tiny pika, a member of the rabbit family so small you could hold it in the palm of your hand....

to a fat grizzly foraging for even more to eat....




to two behemoth bull moose sparring with their antlers......

to caribou on the Persian carpet that is  Alaska's autumn tundra.....






to a curioous Canada jay wondering what we are....



and so much more, it was as good as good can get.   Now imagine all this cloaked in the vibrant tapestries of autumn in the high country of Alaska.




Even the Lady Denali made an appearance.


  1. How perfectly glorious! I'm not sure which of those critters I like the best!

  2. I so enjoy following your adventures - both nearby and far away. No matter the subject, your photos are always spectacular!

  3. Wow. What an absolutely magnificent Post Gullible. Stunning. Thank You for such a gift. Cap and Patti