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Friday, August 6, 2021

A Tale of Two Bosses

One of my former bosses wrote his autobiography and published it. Another former boss bought a copy and had it autographed for me.
The writer boss wrote, "I hear you were the first condominium manager in Alaska." I was indeed the first, because Bruce Ficke, the former boss who bought the book as a gift for me, built the VERY first condos in Alaska at Alyeska Ski Resort and hired me to manage them.

The writer boss, Chris Von Imhof, was the general manager of the resort at that time and went on to many more achievements, as did Bruce Ficke.

Thanks to both of you Former Bosses.
I've had many bosses in my lifetime, not counting my husband who could get pretty bossy. Some say I've had a varied career. I think I just had a short attention span.

 This is a stump  in Tern Lake that I photographed from my kayak.


  1. WOW, as is pretty usual for your posts! This post has my thoughts drifting back to the 60's and forward from there regarding my own 16 year residence and working and playing in Girdwood and at Alyeska. Great memories and your two bosses mentioned in this post are part of those great memories. Nice to have these thoughts of those times. Smiles, Patti and Cap

  2. I am pleased that I have meet the above two bosses. At YOUR home when I met Chris von Imhof and several other times when Patti and I socialized with Bruce and Betsey Ficke. It was a real kick to meet Chris and share with him some of my memories of having lived in West Germany for four years. Smiles, Cap with Patti