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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Early Snow

(The queen of doggerel rides [writes] again. Today, it snowed. This is almost two weeks earlier than our average first snowfall, and thus deserves every ounce of scorn I can heap on it.)

and nature lays a downy mantle across the land....

Early Snow

Oh, my, oh, me, this cannot be,
it’s way too soon to snow on me.
I have to say this does displease,
it’s only just begun to freeze.

This isn’t fair, I rant and rage,
send scornful looks at weather-gauge
that defied the calendar
and denied us summer’s fare.

I suppose I should be glad
for the week of sun we had,
even if it brought the cold
And turned the aspen leaves to gold.

Hawaii calls, or someplace warm,
a place to go and miss the storm
of early snow that’s so unfair,
get out of here, go anywhere,

Alas, my PFD* is gone,
my bank account direct siphon
to pay for fuel, ‘lectricity,
and other forms of energy.

Deep inside I feel the need
for mega-dose of vita-D,
which I shall have to buy in bulk,
when all I want to do is sulk.

(*In Alaska, a portion of monies received in oil royalties is placed in an earnings fund. A portion of the earnings is paid annually to every qualified Alaskan. This payment is called a Permanent Fund Dividend, or PFD. It is a method of sharing Alaska's oil wealth with its citizens.)

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