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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Low Tide and Sunsets

I went down to the dock just before sunset this evening to check on Jim's boat.  The tides have been exceedingly low lately and I wanted to see if the boat was still afloat or resting on the exposed seafloor.

It was raining slightly, so I drove the golf cart. 

This is a "road" at Stillpoint.  They're just slightly more than wide enough for a golf cart and a snowblower.  This was taken through the plastic windshield, which is why it's fuzzy.

Good thing, because I would have missed a couple good photos.

Here's the dock as I approached and the progression of the sunset.

I took the lower "road" on the way back home and decided to photograph this narrow neck of the cove.  It goes dry during real low tides.

When I framed the shot with driftwood, I noticed the color of the mountain in the background.  I ran for the golf cart and drove home as fast as that little electric buggy would go, all the while remembering a lesson I'd learned long ago.

Not a moment too soon.  Here's the same mountain from the front deck of where I'm staying.

And a minute later.

And the final shot.

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Oh.  That lesson?  When watching a sunset always, always look behind you.


  1. Ever think of putting together a book of your photos of Alaska? You've got tons of winners!

  2. Shaddy is right on the money. I'm going back to look again and click each one so I can ooh and ah on a big screen.

    p.s. You'll note a different blog than you're accustomed to from me. But it's still me, even though it's written by my pseudonym. This one is mostly about food, but I'll let you know as things evolve (or devolve!). :)