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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Long Wait is over

Ah, Valentine's Day.  One of my favorite days of the year, but for reasons you couldn't guess unless you lived here--right here in this little valley with mountains on all sides.

This is the day the sun comes back, the day the earth tips far enough that the sun can peek over the mountains to the southeast and shine on our homes.  It doesn't last long at first.  Maybe a few minutes at most.   But every day it gains more and more time as the earth tips farther and farther to put the northern hemisphere on a rush towards spring. 

We had to wait an extra two days to see the sun because the 14th and 15th were cloudy and snowy.  Then it cleared off Friday evening and Saturday morning, there it was.  The sun.

I was out of the house today, running the mail route.  When I neared Hope, even Turnagain Arm seemed to be soaking up the sunlight,though it doesn't lose it like we in this valley do.

The roadside pullouts were full of vehicles for skiers and snow-mobilers, and at Summit Lake, the ice fishermen were trying their luck.

Farther along the route in Cooper Landing, there were more fishermen, though these guys were fishing in the mouth of Kenai Lake that stays open year-round.

Tenperatures were in the high twenties, perfect for outdoor activities.

But the best part was that for a few minutes, the sun graced my house for the first time since mid-November.


  1. mmmmmmmm! I want to slurp up pics 2 and 3 -- DELISH!

  2. Up in Manley Hot Springs I too have one of these one-moments-in-time when the sun suddenly re-appears after leaving us in November or does it leave us in October up in the Interior? It is always a treasured moment! Same in my kitchen .. suddenly there is a beautiful refracted rainbow on my white kitchen sink counter door! It takes my breath away! So too do your photos .. NOT SO MUCH that I would prefer to be there however! Pondicherry in Southern India is suiting me just-fine-thank-you kindly! Whew! Beautiful photos none-the-less! Smiles .. Cap ..