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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Time, Unchained

Remember these lyrics from Unchained Melody?

      And time goes by slowly...

The heck it does.  I blink and a month has gone by, as a friend said.

For instance, yesterday I went to Anchorage, a hundred mile drive across and through the mountains and along saltwater Turnagain Arm.  I was on a mission to see my optometrist.  I've noticed a distinct decline in the vision in my right eye and figured that subtle cataract wasn't so subtle any more.

My insurance kicks in to help pay for new glasses every two years, and I was wondering if two years had gone by since my last pair.   So, off I went.

Spectacular day.   Bright, sunny, warm.

That water way down below and in the left center is part of Turnagain Arm.  Just look at that blue sky.

This is the arm, looking towards Anchorage, which is about forty miles away from this spot.  Those are chunks of ice stranded by the out-going tide.

Five hours later,  mission accomplished in the city, I'm once again driving along Turnagain Arm.  The sun is heading for the horizon behind me, while ahead of me waits a dark gray line of weather.

And, an hour later, six hours after I'd driven through this very spot in bright sunshine, I have this:


Oh, my mission in Anchorage?  My annual eye exam?   It seems to have been four years ago....

As I said, time flies, but I still like Unchained Melody.


  1. You made my day....I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one that misplaced my ability to process time....and distance. And since we're quoting songs, there's a Leonard Cohen song line..."and there ain't no cure, there ain't no cure". ;D

  2. Great photos...so familiar! Glad you traveled safely though; cheers from Eagle River

  3. yes, "so familiar"! Thanks for the drive down memory lane... or the Seward Hiway! lol