"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Some Days You Can't Win......or Lose

I know.   I've been neglecting this blog.   Been too many days since I've told you what's going on.   Two things:  1) I've been sulking about the cold weather, and then, 2) It's litter picking season and I've left parts of the highway blooming with yellow bags.

So, yesterday I parked in the driveway of a seasonal-use cabin.   My plan was to go south and then north, filling yellow bags.   A young man named Sam came out of the neighboring cabin and I asked permission to park there.  He thanked me for what I was doing and said he might join me one day.

We chatted a while and then I started.  I was on a schedule because I was going somewhere that evening and didn't want to be late.   I'll tell you about that in a big post coming up--when I have time, that is.

I went south, crossed the highway and worked my way back.  I tied off the bag and reloaded the fanny pack in which I carry extra bags....and couldn't find my work gloves.  I looked all over.  They had to be here.  I'd taken then off when I tied off that last bag.

I couldn't find them.   I got an extra pair from the truck and set off north.  As I bent over to tie a bag, I saw my gloves.   I'd stuck them inside my safety vest when I'd tied off that bag back at the truck.   Some days you just can't win.

That's the arm opening of my vest.

I walked on, filling bags.   I reached my intended destination for the day and left the bag on the shoulder of the highway as I picked up a few items around that area.   One of those was a red plastic beverage bottle.   I tossed it towards the litter bag.   The opening of the bag was facing away from me. 

Guess where the bottle landed.

Right in the opening of the bag.

Some days you just can't lose.

When I returned to the truck, I saw an envelope stuck under the windshield wiper.   (Actually, to tell the truth, I didn't see it until I pulled out onto the highway.)

Aw, gosh.  Look at this, a gift from Sam.

Some days, you really can't lose.

I'm off again.  There are beer cans and McFastfood wrappers calling me.


  1. sometimes it's the small things that brighten our day....

  2. I know what Rilly means (and I agree with her sentiment), but...

    Bob Geldof did a song on one of his albums that listed various things that had happened to him during his ‘typical’ day, and finished each verse with “Just another moment in life’s great adventure...” and then added, in a way that made the hair on the back of one’s neck stand up, ”And it's no small wonder, either.”

    Neither was that card. And neither are you.

  3. I agree with Rilly and FigMince. I think the things that go wrong for us help make the good things even better.

  4. I really enjoyed this Post. It makes me realize that a Post does not have to be all that exotic. I will keep your 'lead' in mind. I had to chuckle you 'losing' your glove(s) in your own pocket. Have you not had the experience of 'losing' your eye glasses only to find you were wearing them wondering why you could see so well without them! Smiles from Cap and Patti ..

  5. AWESOME!!! Irene