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Friday, September 27, 2013

Lots of Nasty-ware

Despite having one of the best protection softwares available, my laptop has lots of nasty-ware on it, acccording to the guy working on it.  So, it is still in the shop.    I'm using this Pleistocene-era netbook that is acting as if it wants to go to the shop also.

In the meantime, a couple recent photos, if they will upload in a reasonable amount of time.

A couple new arrivals at Tern Lake.

Note the opportunistic feeders hanging around.

They wait while the swan loosens underwater vegetation with its feet, then snatch it up.


  1. I especially like the last photo with the awesome wings spread. I hope you get your computer back soon. What a hassle! We're switching from charter.net to AT&T internet service in a couple weeks. I hope that goes well. I'll probably be all bent out of shape for a while!!

  2. Sometimes Buck rants about how "our gizmos" interfere with our lives and take up a lot of time . . . and then sheepishly comes to me to work magic on his desktop so it will zip along and obey his commands. I love high tech and high touch -- and photos of Tern Lake all the way from Alaska to our pine woods so I can immerse myself in your world this morning. Hope your laptop's all cleaned up and back soon.