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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hang On, Sloopy, Sloopy, Hang On

What do long lost relatives and Velcro have in common?   I’ll tell you a little story.

I grew up in Alaska during the late 1940s and 1950s.   There were advantages and disadvantages to that.  For one thing, modern conveniences were few.   This was a land where folks trying to make a living were concerned only with the necessities.

And another was that you never got to know your relatives in the States, or what we called “Outside.”  I was more fortunate in that I has two sets of uncles/aunts living close to me for a while.

A few years ago long-lost cousins came to Alaska on a fishing trip.   Bud brought with him something his daughter had started making and marketing.  They are self-adhesive Velcro strips that stick to devices and make them easier to hold onto, something I really needed because I occasionally drop one of those expensive devices.


At first I was reluctant to put those on my brand new aircraft aluminum iPad, but there Bud was holding it out to me.   So, when he was out of sight, I put the soft self-adhesive loop side on the back of my iPad and stuck the hook finger grip side onto that.  Then I sat down to see if they helped.

I was hooked, pun intended.   I now have them on my Kindle and my new Surface Pro laptop.   I don’t know what I’d do (besides drop it) if I didn’t have one on my Kindle Fire.   So much more comfortable for reading in bed.

Bud’s daughter Chris makes them for all kinds of things, like phones, tablets, remotes, flashlights, small tools, clipboards, etc , and is waiting on the final touches for her patent.

I show them to my friends, and they order them.

A note from Chris says Microsoft is endorsing her products and they’re being “taken for a test drive” by 60 MS sales engineers.

I pass out her cards to everyone who asks about them—and some who don’t.   I highly recommend these Lazy Hands grips.  You'll note I have them on one side rather than both sides.   Works for me with the new touch screen toys.   But, it's more comfortable to hold a device if they are on both sides.

So come on.   Support a starving relative.


  1. I just might have to get my hands on Lazy-Hands.

  2. IF Micro Soft is looking at them .. HOLD ON .. this will propel them into the BIG TIME .. WOW .. the BAD NEWS IS THIS .. I seem to need something like this for EACH and for EVERYTHING that I handle .. from getting up in the morning until going to bed at night .. I drop and I drop and I drop more things .. it is very depressing .. but it IS what it IS .. Smiles .. Cap and Patti .. Are We Going To See You This Friday .. Saturday I will drive you to ANCH INT'L as Patti will go-to-her-meeting ..