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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Getting on Down that Trail, with your help

Why did I choose late January and February to leave Alaska and travel in South Africa?

I am going to miss my Seahawks play in the Super Bowl, the Fur Rendezvous Championship sprint dog races, and most of all, my favorite dog musher run the Junior Iditarod Sled Dog Race for the first time!   I would not have let my precious dog sled go live with her if she weren't my favorite.

The next great female dog musher!


I've done a couple small things to help support Ashley in her dog mushing career.   Below is a letter circulating around Moose Pass and elsewhere, written by a neighbor.

Gullible verifies and approves the following message:

Dear Friends Near and Far:

I would like to share a story with you about a fourteen year old teenager from Moose Pass named Ashley Guernsey. Ashley is the oldest of four children of Russell and Melissa Guernsey.

Since Ashley was six years old, she has wanted to be a dog musher. The movie "Season of the Sled Dog" was a favorite of hers when she was little. By age nine, Ashley had her own two sled dogs named Abigail and Spot. She devoted her time to training her dogs.

Dan Seavey, who ran in the first Iditarod in 1973 and who is patriarch of the Seavey mushing dynasty, introduced her to mushing by letting her run some of his dogs. At the ceremonial start of the Iditarod, he let her handle dogs and ride with the him. Dan also helped shape Ashley's love of mushing by letting her help with the Seward Mayor's Cup Race for several years. Ashley's mentor, Victor Creek musher Rick Tarpey, is one her favorite mushers. Tarpey is on a long list of  Ashley's favorite mushers, including the distinguished elder Seavey, Mitch Seavey, Rachel Scodorris, and Dee Dee Jonrowe.

Living in Moose Pass as a teenager is no easy task.  Seward Middle and High Schools are over a one hour bus ride away...twice a day!

Ashley must juggle her commute, her honor level studies, and athletics with training time. Ashley will run dogs anywhere from five to 100 miles per week. I asked Ashley what she hopes to be when she grows up. Her reply was she isn't sure what she will become once she grows up, but she knows that she will run the Iditarod.

Next month on February 22nd, Ashley will run her first Junior Iditarod, a 150 mile endurance race including a 10 hour layover. The Junior mushers are responsible for all aspect of this event, including dog care, food preparation, and outdoor skills. [WITH NO ASSISTANCE!]  You can read more about the Jr. Iditarod at http://jriditarod.biz/

Now, those who know me, know that I am not a big fan of dog mushing. My dog sport of choice is dog agility. But, that being said, I am a big fan of children setting goals and striving to achieve those goals. Ashley Guernsey is a fourteen year old girl who has set a goal and plans to achieve a dream.

I was thinking about her the other day. I know the Moose Pass Sportsmen's Club gave her a substantial donation. I also know how much dog sports cost and there are more cost to be incurred. Ashley has earned money making and selling crafts. But, I know she needs more help. I want to make donation but I wondered, "Would I look cheap if put $5, $10, or $20 in a card?" I also know we are all being "squeezed" from so many directions.

I just thought if folks knew about Ashley they would surely help. I am helping to spread the story about Ashley, her goals, and dreams. I asked her parents if I may tell everyone about Ashley and my idea. They are just overwhelmed, already, by the generosity of people. I think we can overwhelm them even more!

Please join in this fundraising event:

For Ashley Guernsey
(That's right...no baking involved)

Here's how it works. You think about what you would bake and how much it would cost. Now, ask yourself how much you would spend at that same bake sale if you attended. Well, rather than do all that work, just put that donation toward the goal of getting Ashley down the trail!  A little bit goes a long way when we all pull together like a team! (a sled dog team to be exact)

It's the No-Bake BAKE SALE for Ashley Guernsey!

Thank you for reading my letter and do please consider helping Ashley get down the trail.

No-Bake Bake sale Donations and letters of good wishes for Ashley Guernsey can be sent to:

Ashley Guernsey
41658 Seward Highway
Moose Pass, Alaska  99631

Erin K. 
Moose Pass, Alaska

So, there you are.   Even if you can't afford a donation of a few bucks, send her a "Happy Trails" note of encouragement.

Thanks, Gullible 

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  1. Gullible you are just absolutely positively beyond PHENOMENAL! Here you are .. OFF TO AFRICA shortly (and I mean in a few hours so-to-speak as I write these few words) and you have and you take the time to post this Post .. As 'they' say DOWN UNDER .. GOOD ON YA MATE .. Smiles .. Cap and Patti