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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chores for May Day 2014 and Final Report

Check List of Chores and Final Report

For May 1, 2014

Do NOT put blistered feet into boots and go litter picking:             Check.   Too painful.

NOTE:   Order more lambs wool.

Do laundry after Pablo fed his breakfast to your jeans:       Done

Start Toyota Sienna.
            Jump from 2nd battery:                                                               No luck

Jump from Dodge Dakota:                                                         Started  

Call shop for appt. to repair continual draining problem:                After tire change-over season.

Start older Stihl chain saw:                                                                  Done

Start “easy start” newer Stihl chain saw:                                          Will not start again this year.

Notes:   Hasn’t started for at least 3 seasons.   Take it to Stihl dealer and the little hussy almost trembles in anticipation of starting for men.   Must be female.

Wash and wax Dodge:                                                                              Complete

Wash and wax Toyota:                                                                             Complete

Start Suzuki ATV:                                                                                        Started

Start John Deere lawn mower:                                                                No luck; put charger on battery

Remove hydraulic wood splitter from storage:                                     Done

Start hydraulic wood splitter:                                                                 Started

Insert trailer hitch into receiver on Dodge:                                            Done

Go back to other garage and get pin for hitch:                                     Done

Undo support leg and lower splitter onto hitch ball:                            Watch your darn finger!

NOTES:  Nice blood blister on finger.   Goes well with the ones on your feet.


Move wood splitter to wood lot:                                                           Done

NOTES:  Next time, make sure you insert pin into trailer hitch.  You were lucky this time.   The pin even survived the ride on the rear bumper to the wood lot.


Wash and wax Suzuki ATV:                                                                      Done

               Notes:   This faithful companion must be 20 years old now.

Lower kayak from rafters of car port:                                                   Done

Wash magpie poop from kayak:                                                            Done

               NOTES:  Next winter, cover kayak in case the magpie roosts there again.

Get pressure washer from storage:                                                    Done

Find instruction book for pressure washer:                                       Done

Pressure wash winter tire rims and paint:                                         Pressure washer leaks

Remove umpteen screws to get at leaking fitting:                            Done but fitting impossible to reach.          


NOTE:   Disassembly requires every tool in arsenal.

  NOTES:  Call Snap-On customer tomorrow and find out how to reach fitting.     

See the shiny thing?   See the brass nut to the left of it.   It cannot be reached by any tool I have.   Is there such a thing as an open end, 1/2 inch offset wrench.   Oh, and it must be very, very thin.

Take two Aleve and forget the whole damn f….ing thing and go kayaking at Tern Lake to pick up floating litter.

Note:   Visiting the merganser couple down the block is better than any day of chores.

NOTE:   This is what you should have been doing all day.

Go to bed:                                                                                                   Crap!   

NOTE:  Remember to bring in bed sheets from outdoor line before bed time.


  1. OMG Jeanne! You are one major Handy WOMAN!


  2. I do know a thing-or-two about tools .. in the trade we would say .. The Snap-On Man comes once a week .. so that is one suggestion THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY PUT ON YOUR NEW TO-DO-LIST. Another is that the companies who make literally most things of a semi-complex mechanical manner .. and I would include the pressure washer manufacturer .. often will sell tools that the professional service people who service their products need. Ah-h-h-h when you contact the above (Snap-On or the company) .. put this on your to-do-list .. bring money .. often lots of money.

    WHAT A FUN POST .. Smiles from Cap and from Patti ..

  3. Sounds like you need my help again. I will be there in July. We are in Walla Walla with Jim and Karen right now.

  4. Your list has left me out of breath...glad you finally included a visit with the merganser neighbors! By the way, the litter pickers were out in force in Anchorage this weekend and things look a lot better, but you can still put them to shame any season with the territory YOU cover! Hugs!! Patti

  5. I understand the feeling. When I cross one off the top, 2 more appear at the bottom.
    Your solution is best.... get out on the water and enjoy Mother nature. B & B