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Friday, March 6, 2015

Bald Eagle Bonanza

This is a brief intermission from the India Journals to show you some of the 19 bald eagles I saw today in Cooper Landing.   While seeing that many eagles is not unusual, what is unusual is seeing so many bunched up and feasting on spawned-out salmon.

I found most of them at this bend in the river.   If you look closely, you can see one on the shoreline at the left side of the photo, between the two bushes.

Or, let me use my 20X zoom:

How's this?

At the far right, outside the extent of this photo, I saw this eagle on another gravel bar with its own salmon:

Eagle version of the Tarzan yell--more like a chirp.

And out in the river:

There are six juvenile eagles and one adult here.   Another adult flew off just before I got in shooting position.

Other eagles were in trees in the vicinity: 

A juvenile.

I couldn't get photos of all 19.   Some were too far away.   Others were in places where I couldn't pull off the highway.

Enjoy your salmon dinner, feathered friends.


  1. Looks like there was a banquet set out for army of eagles. The only place I have seen this many eagles at one time is in Haynes. Great that you were able to not only see them, but that you were able to catch them on film. Nice! Patti

  2. Unbelievable .. I prefer cooked meat however .. Patti and I watched one of these varmints take a living flying seagull right out of the sky and fly away with it. That was not pleasant. Smiles ..

  3. Now that's a convocation. I'm reading "H is for Hawk" so these photos, albeit of eagles, resonate. Magnificent wildness.