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Saturday, March 28, 2015


Time to rejoice!!!    Spring is here!


  1. What a difference a few days make ... when I left Anchorage 4 days ago, it seemed like spring was on its way shortly ... now I see that it has arrived in Moose Pass with the long underwear being laundered! The overnight in San Francisco gave me a lovely low 70's day to enjoy before my flight. Hong Kong greeted me with a day at 80 degrees. Hard already to remember what our "winter" was like, even tho it was mild. Enjoy your spring ... nothing like watching the trees turn green again and the flowers and birds come back. Hugs from Patti and Cap, both in Hong Kong.

  2. I don't have long johns to air out but I had my bedspread outside flapping the the breeze.

    Happy Spring, Gully!