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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hot Cars Equal Dead Kids or Pets; You Can be a Hero

Amid all the horror stories coming out of Orlando these days, this sad story from Virginia might easily be over-looked. 


A K-9 dog, left and forgotten in a patrol car, died from heat when the handler apparently  became distracted and forgot about the dog.

My relatives in Arizona are keenly aware of the danger to children and animals left in cars that quickly overheat to fatal temperatures.  One carried a hammer head in her purse just for these emergencies.  I thought about carrying a hammer head around, and  in recognition of my distaste for carrying purses or any such things, I sent her a gift that's a darn sight lighter than a hammer.

A is the blade guard that attaches to a key ring; B is the blade for cutting seat belts;  C is the glass breaker, initiated by pushing it against the glass until an internal spring-loaded spike release.  It will not break windshields and they are laminated.

It's called ResQMe, a small gadget made for cutting seat belts and breaking windows to escape from wrecked cars.   So, if you can break out of a car, it stands to reason you can break into a car to rescue a child or pet.

This shows how small it is.

Though it comes in a nice little metal box, the best part is that it's small enough to attach to your auto's  key ring.   The part that attaches is actually a blade guard for the seat belt cutter, so in an emergency, all you need do is pull  straight down or out from the keys, as the occasion might be, and the tool is immediately available for use.

When Wildman's,  a nearby store,  began offering them for sale at $15, the local coffee klatch guys were skeptical about the tool's ability to break a side or rear window, and one promptly applied it to the store's glass table top.

It worked, shattering the glass and dumping everyone's coffee and the daily newspaper to the floor.





  1. I did see these horrible stories. Thanks for the post -- am ordering some now for our family.

  2. I did see these horrible stories. Thanks for the post -- am ordering some now for our family.

  3. What an amazing Post this is. What a wonderful Post this is. Who knows but what you may assist someone reading along here to save their own or another's life. THANK YOU FOR THE GIFT OF THIS POST. Cap and Patti