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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Annual Midnight Kayak Outing on Summer Solstice Photos


  1. Ethereal photos. The landscape stunning, of course, but I really like the way you show how the kayak noses in, and the watch! Contrast of bright kayak and watch are so neat with the dark water. mountains and reflections. Would love to have been along for the ride.

    1. I had to darken the exposure to capture the mauve color of the sky and reflection. It was really broad daylight!

  2. Makes me homesick ... but we ARE off the road from our whirlwind traveling for awhile and settled for a leisurely month in Michigan. Appreciate your sharing our beautiful Alaskan midnight on June 21st. I try to explain this to people who have not been to Alaska and usually just get a rather blank look in return. We are so lucky to have the natural beauty that we do have. Hugs!! Patti and Cap

  3. No outsider can quite fathom what either of the solstice's mean to Alaskans. We are either counting days up to the Summer Solstice or days down to the Winter Solstice. How quickly they seem to come and then fade away. Cap and Patti