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Saturday, August 6, 2016

The 2nd Fur and Feathers Journals, Ch. 8 : In which the kids go clamming and show they can make it on their own

Chapter Eight:

In which the kids go clamming and show they can make it on their own

Watching the second season "orphans" try to fend for themselves last summer, without their moms to teach them, left me anxious all winter for their survival.   So, I was very happy to see them this summer.  For reasons known only to bears, the cubs' moms had sent them out on their own a year early.  The two found each other and bonded for companionship and safety.

One foggy, misty morning we were on the beach at low tide and the two were digging for razor clams.

The female orphan.

I smell you....

Got ya.

Mmmmm.... Delicious.

She moves over to a part of the beach that still has water on it and proves how adept she is at finding clams.

The clams provide vital protein for the bears while they wait for the fat-rich salmon to arrive in July.   The clams supplement their diet of sedge grass, berries, and whatever small animals they can catch.

She has a clam in her mouth.

(Crunch!   And clam shells go flying.  The cubs have yet to perfect opening the sharp shells.)

I'm not sure if feeding time is interrupted by playtime, of playtime is interrupted by feeding time.

Dueling clammers.

Te female, at left, already has a clam.

The male goes off to search in another spot. 

The tell-tale dimples made by clams are all over the beach.

I'll try here....

Boy, that clam can sure move fast!

I think I'm catching up to it....

It's down there somewhere.....

Aw, come on.....

Got it!

I'm holding it so it can't get away....

How do you open these things?

Thank you for this food.....

Even if I don't really like shellfish....

Lot of work for a tiny clam, you ask me....

I guess if you're hungry enough, you'll eat anything.

Oops.   I stepped on it.

Crushed clam.   I hate casseroles!

:Let's go play....

Right behind you, bro....

So am I.

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  1. Lotta work for them thar clams! At least when I went clamming, I put 60 into my bucket before I quit and then they really were worth the work! They earned their playtime ... it is such a hoot to see the pictures ... in person, it has to be enthralling. Thanks for some more bear smiles. Hugs. Patti and Cap