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Monday, October 17, 2016

Late Autumn in Turnagain Pass

A thousand feet above the silty waters of Turnagain Arm, a passage through the mountains is called by the same name.

Ablaze with wild flowers in the summer months, the pass is now quieter.   Most of the tourists have left, though Rvs with Alaska license plates are still around.

When you're a spruce tree in Turnagain Pass, you're pretty special.

I was in the pass Sunday afternoon for what is most likely my last day of picking up litter for this season.

In the Silvertip section near Turnagain Pass.

Today, Sunday, a storm rolled in slowly, bringing the season's first snow.

That lone spruce tree with a few of its kind and a bunch of hemlocks.

Low on the horizon, the late autumn sun casts shadows in the mountains near Johnson Pass.

Hoar frost covers roadside grass.

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  1. Once again, huge thanks to you, and a very few like you, who seriously devote yourselves to litter picking all summer long. Alaska shines brighter because of you. Patti