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Monday, October 3, 2016

Travels with Pablo: The RV Pecking Order

At one time, the Follett household included three parrots.   There a was Pablo, a Mexican Double Yellow Headed Green Amazon, Bobby the Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, and Louis, a conure, a sweet little bird slightly larger than a parakeet.

All three loved going in the motorhome with us.   It didn’t take long before the home-territory pecking order gave way to the RV pecking order.   The ideal place to ride was on Ken’s shoulder, and later on, Ken’s elbow, as he drove.

Pablo ALWAYS got the prime spot because he was an excellent flier.   Bobby never did learn that flying was something he could do for transportation.   To him, his three-foot wing span was for escaping from something that startled him, and thus was not employed often.  Instead, he walked and climbed.

So Pablo always won.   I, in the passenger seat, was the consolation prize, more of a launching pad should Pablo abandon his spot.  Later on, when Ken’s elbow was the ideal spot, his shoulder became the consolation prize.   I was an after-thought.

Little Louie knew better than to compete with giants and happily stayed on top his cage.

Pablo sits on Ken's shoulder while Bobby waits his chance to claim the spot.  Little Louie sits on Pablo's cage.

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  1. Ken obviously appears to be the "BIG BIRD" here. No wonder sitting on him was coveted! Never knew you traveled with three of them at the same time ... certainly added a lot to your colorful life!! Hugs. Patti