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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Photo Dump

Most of my day-to-day photos appear on Facebook, which means that those of you who follow along here at my blog miss them if you don't have Facebook.

So, here are some recent ones that I like:

Trumpeter swan at Tern Lake late one night.

Scaup ducklings, the cutest ducklings ever.

Smoke from a nearby wildfire, plus clouds, plus the sun just edging behind the mountain equals a beautiful sunset.

A hermit thrush singing.

This spruce grouse has two chicks peeking out from under her skirts.

Busy days for moms and pops.

A golden-crowned sparrow's aria.

A scaup duckling

This Barrow's goldeneye hen is in the reflection of fireweed at Tern Lake.

Scaup duckling caught in the act.

A mallard's almost grown ducklings have crowded the rest of the group off the rock.

Mommy makes a good pillow.   A red-necked grebe chick sleeps on mommy.

An exceptional year for fireweed.

Scaup jumping off a log

Splash!   A perfect belly flop.

Sometimes the heavy smoke from a nearby wildfire can add something exceptional to a photo, in this case, a neutral background that emphasizes the fireweed and grass..

Presenting the red-necked grebe family.

Daddy grebe bringing home dinner.

An Arctic tern and a peaceful scene at Tern Lake on a hot, hot day.

A long way for my lens so it isn't sharp.   Mew gull  chasing off a bald eagle.   Photo taken from a kayak.

Mew gulls after that bald eagle.

Mama scaup and her brood rest on a grass-covered stump.

Someone asked me if I wished this spotted sandpiper had turned around.   No, I don't.   I rather like the idea of the sandpiper staring off into the void and contemplating what is next.   Anything is possible.    It perched there so briefly, I was able to get only three frames.   This is the only one in which its head is turned and visible.


  1. Wow, I'm so amazed by your photos. Especially one with the swan and an arctic tern on a lake. So peaceful :)

    My blog

  2. Making lemonade out of lemons in your photo of how the smoke gave you such a good, neutral background for your fireweed picture. Love it! Thanks for sharing your facebook photos with those of us who do not do facebook. Smiles, and home in Alaska at last! Patti (but not Cap)

  3. Birds, Birds, Birds .. And ?? .. More Birds. Smiling .. Some of them border on the incredible. The Gull chasing off the Eagle. Wow .. Cap IN Hong Kong

  4. This post was a two-cupper. I reviewed all the images three times.

    Simply outstanding photographs! Thank goodness I'm not forced to choose a favorite!

    Thank you so much for sharing these.