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Friday, November 29, 2019

What a Blooming Non-Winter!

No snow.   What wee bit falls is quickly washed away by  rain.

Strong winds buffeted Anchorage yesterday, many of them hurricane for.   Electric was out for many customers on Thanksgiving Day.

Down here in the banana belt, south of Anchorage, temps are in the low 40s and the wind is blowing but not threatening to tear the roof off as in Anchorage.


The Thanksgiving cactus opened one bud the night before Thanksgiving and promises many, many more.   I kept this little gem root bound for many years and then this spring gave it a repotting.   It is a very happy cactus now and showing it.

More than 40 years ago, mu mother gave me her shamrock plant.   I have no idea how long she had it, but here it is--blooming in November!

And last but not least by far, the amazing African violet has bloomed so much this year, I think it's running out of toner.   It's supposed to be purple.   Or violet.   Or sometimes violet-white.

Oh, well, a winter with flowers is fine with me.


  1. Well, if we cannnot have snow, flowers are certainly welcome! I have never seen an African violet that color, and it is amazing the endurance of your shamrock plant. I no longer keep any inside plants, but the grass outside of our condominium is green and thriving here in Anchorage. I cannot remember if I have seen this, at the very end of November, in the past. Climate change is a hoax? Happy flower enjoying .. seeing your flowers made my day! Smiles and hugs, Patti and Cap

  2. Nice the formerly root-bound cactus has roared to life. Amazing life forms the cacti. They thrive in the dessert and in Alaska in the winter (indoors). And the shamrock passed down from your mother and the African Violet seems to be running low on 'toner'. Nice post. Thanks for sharing your family plant friends with us. Smiles Cap and Hugs Patti