"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Where is Winter?

Have you seen winter, Eagle?

 Haven't been watching for it, truthfully.

Is it up there, Merganser?


 Is what where?   I'm just swallowing.

Let us know if you find it, Eagle!

 Yep, yep, yep.   Find what?   Oh, should be off in this direction...

 How about you, Swan?   Oops.   Didn't mean to interrupt your nap.

(No response)


Ah, Grosbeak.   You found it!

And that wee bit of snow is all  gone now.


  1. It makes-our-day to see a post here on your website Gullible. Over here in Ulaaanbaatar we have winter. NOT the snow you are showing but certainly some cold weather in the minus 20F vicinity. The swan taking a nap in a freezing cold lake. Amazing. The birds seem to be absolutely unfazed by the snow and cold. Smiles from Cap and Hugs from Patti

  2. Where is winter is the big question .. one great snowfall, and then followed by rain and 52 degrees here at our condo in Anchorage yesterday. The birds are likely just as confused as we are. The swan obviously is the least concerned!! Smiles and hugs, Patti and Cap

  3. Happy Birthday. We share a birthday,just one year apart, so that is how I remembered it. I've been following your blog for a few years and love your photography, sense of humor, and travel stories.