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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Birding and Peanut Butter

It's cold.    At or near 20 below zero for a week or so.  The birds that come to the feeders are gobbling up everything in sight.

They especially love the peanuts (non salted) that I put out for them.   I read once that a chickadee needs the equivalent of three peanuts to survive in cold weather.

I also put out a pint or so of Denali Premium Mix which is a combination of shelled sunflower seeds and peanuts chips.  That's favored by all the birds.

Today, I went into Seward and stopped by a place that has multiple bird feeders.   I saw the usual suspects and also two woodpeckers varieties.

The hairy woodpeckers are much larger than the downies I get at my house.   They like peanut butter.   This female has a mouthful of it.

Here's another photo of her after she left the feeder.

This robin was puffed up to the size of a softball, trapping warm air next to its body. 

Back at home, a full moon shines over my house.

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  1. Happy that you and others are putting out lots of food for our bird friends. With this cold, they probably need all the help they can get .. we all do! Cap was out taking pictures today of the trees and bushes coated thickly with snow and ice crystals. It takes the cold to make this winter wonderland and it IS beautiful. Stay warm! Hugs, Patti and Cap